The Dragon Trainer’s Deadly Nader Costume

Deadly Nader Costume Details

  • Operator Enters And Operates Joystick/Levers
  • Integrated Control Box Managing Two Fans, Main Switch, 7 Sounds And Voltage
  • Removable Power Supply
  • One Camera On The Nose
  • High Definition LCD Displayer
  • High Power Two Fans For Cooling
  • Shoulder Padding For Better Loading
  • Realistic Textures And Stripes
  • Eight Holes On The Body For Air Ventilation


The Dragon Trainer’s Deadly Nader Costume

This dinosaur costume is customized according to the requirements of the customer.

The height is 1.8 meters, and the total length of the dinosaur is 4.2 meters.

It’s based on the deadly Nader from Dragon Trainer. It’s a different type of dinosaur than we’ve ever made. It’s more like a western dragon.

Western dragons we have come into contact with all have a pair of wings, and the costume is the same, with a pair of wings and a large head, so the overall weight has increased.

The weight of the previous dragons was between 18kg and 22kg, but this one is 30kg, which is relatively heavier.

There is no problem to find a strong performer, it can also be used flexibly.

This pair of wings also has movement, can be slightly waved wings, the overall movement are mouth, blink, head swing, wing swing, vivid sound.

[Deadly Nader Costume Effect Picture]

The Dragon Trainer's Deadly Nader Costume

Deadly Nader Costume

Deadly Nader

Deadly Nader suit

Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 4.2 × 0.88 × 2.1 m

Optional(customize all kinds of color schemes)

After-Sale Service

12-24 Months(After the warranty, we can provide life-long repair service)