Life Size Animatronic Crocodile Models For Sale

Animatronic Crocodile Features

  • Size: 5M Long, others as proportion
  • Movements: Eyes blinking, Mouth open and close with sound, Head moving left to right, Four legs moving, Tail swaying left to right.
  • Materials: Steel frame, high density sponge, silicon rubber(soft skin), fabric cloth, motors.
  • Voltage: 110V/220V
  • Plug: European plug, UK plug, US plug, Australian plug,etc.
  • Control mode: infrared sense, remote control, coin insert, swiping card, etc.
  • Weight: 60Kg
  • Applications: Amusement Park, Attraction, Museum, Indoor and outdoor exhibition

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Artificial Animatronic Crocodile

Life Size Silicone Simulation Model – Simulation Crocodile with Animatronic movements

Simulation Animatronic Dinosaurs and Animal Manufacturer

Animatronic Crocodile

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