Realistic Walking Dinosaur Costume For Amusement Event

Most of the amusement parks, theme parks will bring in kinds of dinosaurs, one of the most attractive dinosaurs is the walking dinosaur costume.

It is the newest attraction now, and being more and more popular in china and foreign countries.

All walking dinosaur costume will be manufactured with Vivid shape, realistic skins and stripes.

All by custom-made and handmade crafts, indeed.

The walking dinosaur costumes are really perfect for live stage andstreet show, shopping mall performance and anywhere only if there are as many as people, it will be the “shining star”.


  • Materials(Waterproof): Inside: Stainless Steel Tube,Outside: Sponge, Fabric, Oil Pigments
  • Battery: 12V/5A For 2 Hours.
  • Customization(Operator): Shoe Sizes, Height, Weight.
  • Sounds: 7 Types
  • Performance: Equipped With BaBaka And Pantyhose


Realistic Walking Dinosaur Costume For Amusement Event

Walking Dinosaur Costume For Amusement Event  Walking Dinosaur Costume


Realistic Dinosaur Costume  factory testing


Normally to finsih the performance completely and successfully, needing one person to instruct the directions by dragging the colar on the neck of the walking dinosaur costume, it will look like the person is “walking the dragon”,

And the most important is that there needs one controller to get in the dinosaur costume to operate the dinosaur,

And the person can make many movements: mouth open and close with Synchronized sound, eyes open and close, head up and down, head left to right, neck up and down, body up and down, tail rotating and can walk and run with the dinosaur costume as will.

Dinosaur Costume For Amusement

The realistic dinosaur costume will be strapped to him and rest on his shoulders, it is just weigh 18 to 22 kg, normally we can do lowest to 18kg.

When operating, the walking dinosaur costume will be looked ‘drunk’ after its head came loose, many clients are inspired to run dressed as a dinosaur when they watched Walking with Dinosaurs with their youngest sons many years ago,

It can not only bring in profits from the shows, and attempt the wonderful experience by wearing the walking dinosaur costume,

But also bring back many memories from the old era.

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 4.1 × 0.75 × 1.92 m
After-Sale Service

12-24 Months(After the warranty, we can provide life-long repair service)


Optional(customize all kinds of color schemes)